COLOR ART for your home



my last artworks,  bring color art into your home.

COLOR ART for your home


about me

My vision and my favorite quotes:
"The purest and most thoughtful spirits are the ones who love color the most."

John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
Instead of trying to reproduce what I have in mind, I use color more arbitrarily to express myself more forcefully.
Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890)









Uli Fischer, born in December 1968 on Lake Constance.
After my technical apprenticeship and my studies as a business economist, I developed myself further in terms of marketing and design. Painting with colors, symbols of modern art was my passion early on. But only in the last years I have intensified the art, because only you give me the balance and the strength to process a lot and also to reproduce what is going on in me.

"Play of colors, colorful is usually my motto and also my intention."

The diversity of our nature, the hustle and bustle of people or even special events in our world inspire me every day anew. "Innovative art"
However, I particularly value the innovative art of promoting and designing. Incredible ideas are in my mind to fabricate the art on objects that do not conform to the normal standard of a painting artist.


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